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Reasons to Use an Online Calendar

Calendars serve an essential role in our lives. The chances of missing one hanging on the walls of many homes or offices are very minimal. They help guide us understand the different days of the year. Calendars also help one plan their activities of the week or a particular year. As a student, it will help you plan your study time. You may have a busy schedule, and getting that time to study can be difficult.

A good calendar will help you set aside some time to study and carry out other activities. It is also much easier to track due dates or different deadlines when you have a calendar. All this will ease you off some pressure. Digital calendars have become common thanks to the ever growing technology. You can now access the schedule of a particular year from your smartphone or computer. Different cloud solutions like Google, ICloud and Zoho, have theirs.

You will get the November 2018 calendar with holidays which you cancalendar download and use to plan your schedule for the month. One is advised to color mark the specific dates on their calendars to keep track of some of the critical days in their program. You should always keep it somewhere you can access easily. Several benefits come with using online calendars. They include:

Easily Accessible

Accessing your online calendar is much easier because you can do it anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This is different from the traditional type which is usually fixed at one point. You have to wait to get back to your home or office to know some of the scheduled appointments, and this might inconvenience you more. Using the online calendar will save you all the hassle.


The other good thing about using an online calendar is that you can set reminders on your mobile phone or any other device you are using. You will get alerts which can be in the form of phone notifications or alarms for the special days you’ve set on your calendar. This is very different from the traditional method of marking dates which would have led to forgetting.


Online calendars are also safe and secure. The chances of getting damaged are minimal which is different in the traditional type that can get torn easily. Other factors like water or fire can also damage the old type, and this may see you forget some of your marked dates. Use the online calendar which is also free for your references.…

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Impact of cloud technology

Cloud technology has literary changed the way we handle everything, particularly from a computational perspective. In this post, we will take a look at this great technology, and discuss the impact it has brought about.

What is cloud technology

Cloud technology has many definitions, with the most common ones losing focus on the primary technology—with complex explanations, which are usually focused on marketing.

The concept of cloud technology is where you get to use computer processing power and storage capacity, which you don’t have on a physical level. For example, if you have a computer with an internal storage capacity of 100GB, and you want to copy images that total to 250GB from an external hard drive to your internal hard drive—then it is impossible. But with cloud technology, you can buy cloud storage, then upload the images there. Whenever you need the images, all you have to do is connect to the cloud and view them on a web browser, or specialized software.

What you have to understand is that you are buying a service that allows you to remotely access computers that are in a remote location via the internet—hence there is no real cloud, just other computers on the other end.

Impact of cloud technology

Cloud technology has brought about a lot of changes, most of them being merits. Here are some of the most significant ones.

Cheap computation infrastructure

Compared to the olden days, it is straightforward for a business to acquire advanced computation facilities without having to buy expensive computer hardware. For instance, instead of a company buying a server to host and facilitate their business, they can just subscribe to a cloud service for a small monthly fee. When the need arises, and the company increases their operations, then the cloud services can be easily scaled up by paying for more resources, downgrades are also possible when needed.


With cloud technology, it has become very easy to collaborate, especially in the office environment. For instance, managers from various departments can update a given file in real time, with no geographical barriers. This is very important especially if different agencies need collaboration.

Better security

lksdanlvknalskdvlkasdlvnlasndvlknasdvasdRather than buying your computer hardware, and employing a security personnel, or hiring a third party for security, it makes more sense to use cloud services, where security is handled by the cloud company. Cloud companies will have access to the best security resources.…

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