Tips for good preparation and packaging of mailboxes

Preparation prior mailbox packaging is always necessary to guarantee a safe delivery. Putting your package in order is also key for effective transportation. A well packaged item stands a great chance of easy identification and on time delivery. It is therefore necessary for one to be keen to ensure smooth packaging and shipping. The following are tips to guide you on proper preparation and packaging of mailboxes.


 Choice of box


It is advisable you pick a box of good quality to cover your items.  The size of box should also go handy with the type of item that you are shipping. You can also use a previously used box but make sure you get rid of previous marks and labels to ease out its sorting process and reduce the chances of your items getting misplaced in the process. The box should also be in a perfect condition free from tears, water damage or any other kind of damage.



Use a resilient material

Use a proper resilient material to cover your items in order to avoid breakages or even cracking of the packed items. Most people are also uncomfortable with the movement of already packed items. Some proper resilient or cushioning materials include newspapers, plastic foam or shredded papers. It is advisable to slightly shake your package after the use of any cushioning material to ensure your items are intact.

 Proper Sealing003

Get a high quality tape which does not tear easily preferably the heavy duty brown tape 2-inch-wide. You can still use the clear tape and place it over your label to prevent it from smearing or fading off. One is advised to avoid the use of strings, cords, cellophane or masking tapes in sealing their items. Make sure you fasten the box all round to get a proper hold of your items.

 Proper labeling

Use a complete address with all your personal information. Indicating your contacts is highly recommended especially your mobile number which makes it easy for the carrier to reach you, should anything arise concerning your package. Also give out the receiver’s phone number and home or destination address which should be complete and accurate so that in case of anything the receiver can be easily contacted. The return address should be printed or typed outside upper left corner same side as the delivery address. Put an extra address label inside the box. The conveyor can refer to it in case the outside address labels get tampered with.

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