Various Types of Psychedelics You Should Know

Magic mushrooms are known to offer a lot of health benefits. The fact that shrooms are not the only forms of psychedelics, it is vital to know the common ones. Synthetic psychedelics are those created in scientific labs. Thus, they are more concentrated and pure. On the other hand, natural psychedelics are found in nature. You can find them in the form of mushrooms and herbs. In fact, buying magic mushrooms in Canada is the cannabis movement of our generation. They have been used for spiritual and ritual practices over the years.

Synthetic Psychedelics

When it comes to making synthetic psychedelics, a chemical process must take place. In this case, several chemical processes occur to create compounds from simple materials. You should note that the process is artificial, and it does not involve the use of mushrooms or plants. These are the common synthetic psychedelics.


ACID or LSD is the most common synthetic psychedelic substance on the market. It was created from a fungus. It is available in liquid form, and it is quite powerful. It only takes about 30 minutes to make you crazy, and you can be in that state for about 6 hours. Most users say that it helps them get a deeper understanding of their lives and what happens around them. Many people use it for recreational purposes.


DMT is meant to give intense and high effects. You can even have it during lunch break. It is obtained from synthesized ayahuasca, and it is available in powder form. It can even be smoked. Fortunately, you get back into the real world quite quickly. It is used for treating different mental conditions, such as schizophrenia.

Natural Psychedelics

There are over 200 known natural psychedelics. Most of these are magic mushrooms. These are the common ones.


magic mushroomMagic mushrooms contain psilocybin as the main active compound. You can eat these mushrooms dried, raw, or cooked. You can also find them processed into powder form. Thus, you can use them in making tea. The good thing about magic mushrooms is that they are the safest psychedelics you can find. Many trials are being done to determine if they can be used to treat depression. Fortunately, preliminary reports have been positive.


Psychoactive cacti types include San Pedro and Peyote. You need to cut the cactus and then dry it in the sun. They can be added to the brew. This form of psychedelic takes about one hour to take effect, and you can be wandering around for about 10 hours.…

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massage therapy

Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the tissues, tendons and other muscles of the body. Most of these therapists are conducted by trained therapists who use manual techniques such as stroking, rubbing and even moving your body parts to remedy some of the specific problems within your body.

Many forms of massage therapy are likely to suit your problem. Also, you need to understand that the pressure that is applied may range from stroking to deep pressure. The following are the types of massage that can treat multiple needs and end up providing various benefits.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is one of the common types of massage across the world. Thumb or finger pressure is applied massageto particular areas to release the blocked energy that might be causing some of the physical discomforts.

They are used for arthritis, sciatica, menstrual problems, insomnia, depression, constipation, colds, bronchitis, anxiety, back pain, migraine, and headaches. If you want to know the best massagers that are used on this massage therapy, click on and you will find multiple massagers of all kinds.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a combination of stretching and various techniques similar to those of deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage. For instance, if you are a football player, then chances are that sports massage will be conducted on your legs. It is used for treatment and prevention of injury. Also, at times it can be used to enhance the athletic performance.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is similar to shiatsu massage because it aims to align the energies of the body. When you visit your massage therapist, you should be well prepared because he or she will work on your entire body. Pressure will be applied to your muscles, and there will be stretching and compressing to your joints. This form of a massage therapy is used for tension headaches, stress, muscle tension and even back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is applied to particular problem areas within your body. One of the best techniques that deep tissue massageare used is the slow, forceful strokes that are used to target the thick layers of the body and mainly the muscles that connect to the tissues targeted.

Another common form of massage therapy that is used in most areas is the chair massage. With this form of massage therapy, the therapist will massage your hands, arms, neck, shoulders and even your back. Lastly, the deep tissue massage is used for shoulder pains, muscular-skeletal disorders, and muscular tension.…

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