As a parent, we must not treat our kids like they have never grown up. Birthday gifts can be one of many ways to express our love to them, but they can get trouble sometimes, especially when the kids have reached teenhood.

On the one hand, they have reached the age where they are supposed to be capable of being trusted with adult matters, such as money management, making choices for their education, organizing his/her schedules, etc. But on the other hand, teenagers have just entered their adult phase, which makes them vulnerable to committing mistakes they can’t undo. And there is where our job as a parent become crucial.

Here, we will discuss how to educate our kids to prepare for adulthood through birthday presents.

Getting Them a Car

We tend to think that buying a car for our kids as a luxury they do not need. That can be true if you do believe and treat a car as more of a luxury item than a vehicle for transportation with business potential. Besides, teaching your kid how to drive once they reach the legal age will give them the opportunities to be helpful in many situations that involve transportation. They can take you to your favorite grocery store, help their friends/neighbors/relatives when they need a ride, and also use the skill to make profits.

First, it is important to note that you do not directly give your kid a car without getting them a formal driving course. Your kid may look obedient, but you will never know if someday they are brave enough to go out with the car without you knowing. My son was certified through this company I Gotta Drive that offers online driving education. You should not underestimate the need for theoretical knowledge of driving because it can save lives during a collision and protect your kid from hurting people.

Second, get a car that is not too cheap and not too expensive. Make the present something that your kid deserves. Do not overwhelm him/her with a flashy car because they are not grown up enough to maintain and protect it. Your primary factors should be the practicality, fuel efficiency, and functionality of the car.

A Bank Account and Some Money

When your kid turns 18, they have to begin to learn about how the economy works. The knowledge about credit score, insurance, installment, and tax are things your kids do not learn in school. If they learn once they need them, it is going to be too late.

A gift of fresh cash in a bank account can teach your kid about money management. This idea will work much better if your kids get involved in a youth entrepreneurship program. Acting as your kid’s investor will show how much you trust him/her as a responsible adult.

A Present Related to Your Kid’s Passion

By the time your kid reaches 18, he/she should have had a passion for something. The most common fields of interest are arts, music, sports, game, books, and dance. As a parent, it is not up to you what your teenagers are supposed to like or not. Instead of forcing them into doing your bidding, you should support them with whatever preference they have (as long as their hobbies are not against the law).

You should observe your kid’s activities closely as they may be shy in showing what they love to do to other people, including you. For instance, if your kid likes to play a game, you should learn about what game it is. If it is an RPG (Role Playing Game), then your kids are into fantasies and complex stories. You can get them books that discuss the literary quality of the game, or you can get them a course package in design and animation.