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Reasons to Use an Online Calendar

Calendars serve an essential role in our lives. The chances of missing one hanging on the walls of many homes or offices are very minimal. They help guide us understand the different days of the year. Calendars also help one plan their activities of the week or a particular year. As a student, it will help you plan your study time. You may have a busy schedule, and getting that time to study can be difficult.

A good calendar will help you set aside some time to study and carry out other activities. It is also much easier to track due dates or different deadlines when you have a calendar. All this will ease you off some pressure. Digital calendars have become common thanks to the ever growing technology. You can now access the schedule of a particular year from your smartphone or computer. Different cloud solutions like Google, ICloud and Zoho, have theirs.

You will get the November 2018 calendar with holidays which you cancalendar download and use to plan your schedule for the month. One is advised to color mark the specific dates on their calendars to keep track of some of the critical days in their program. You should always keep it somewhere you can access easily. Several benefits come with using online calendars. They include:

Easily Accessible

Accessing your online calendar is much easier because you can do it anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This is different from the traditional type which is usually fixed at one point. You have to wait to get back to your home or office to know some of the scheduled appointments, and this might inconvenience you more. Using the online calendar will save you all the hassle.


The other good thing about using an online calendar is that you can set reminders on your mobile phone or any other device you are using. You will get alerts which can be in the form of phone notifications or alarms for the special days you’ve set on your calendar. This is very different from the traditional method of marking dates which would have led to forgetting.


Online calendars are also safe and secure. The chances of getting damaged are minimal which is different in the traditional type that can get torn easily. Other factors like water or fire can also damage the old type, and this may see you forget some of your marked dates. Use the online calendar which is also free for your references.…

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massage therapy

Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the tissues, tendons and other muscles of the body. Most of these therapists are conducted by trained therapists who use manual techniques such as stroking, rubbing and even moving your body parts to remedy some of the specific problems within your body.

Many forms of massage therapy are likely to suit your problem. Also, you need to understand that the pressure that is applied may range from stroking to deep pressure. The following are the types of massage that can treat multiple needs and end up providing various benefits.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is one of the common types of massage across the world. Thumb or finger pressure is applied massageto particular areas to release the blocked energy that might be causing some of the physical discomforts.

They are used for arthritis, sciatica, menstrual problems, insomnia, depression, constipation, colds, bronchitis, anxiety, back pain, migraine, and headaches. If you want to know the best massagers that are used on this massage therapy, click on and you will find multiple massagers of all kinds.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a combination of stretching and various techniques similar to those of deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage. For instance, if you are a football player, then chances are that sports massage will be conducted on your legs. It is used for treatment and prevention of injury. Also, at times it can be used to enhance the athletic performance.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is similar to shiatsu massage because it aims to align the energies of the body. When you visit your massage therapist, you should be well prepared because he or she will work on your entire body. Pressure will be applied to your muscles, and there will be stretching and compressing to your joints. This form of a massage therapy is used for tension headaches, stress, muscle tension and even back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is applied to particular problem areas within your body. One of the best techniques that deep tissue massageare used is the slow, forceful strokes that are used to target the thick layers of the body and mainly the muscles that connect to the tissues targeted.

Another common form of massage therapy that is used in most areas is the chair massage. With this form of massage therapy, the therapist will massage your hands, arms, neck, shoulders and even your back. Lastly, the deep tissue massage is used for shoulder pains, muscular-skeletal disorders, and muscular tension.…

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Choosing Where to Invest Your Money Wisely

Money is the fuel that can change your life for the better or worse, as much as you want to live in the moment and not always thinking about your wallet, you just can’t. It is inevitable that you need to secure your bank account and saving for the future and for any emergencies that might happen later.

Investing is one of the best ways to make sure that you will not rely on your primary income solely and will have another saving for your old days aside from the pension money that you should have. But it is not that easy to do, because you need first decide on how and where to invest your money. You should definitely take your time and don’t rush the decision.

Read The Research First

research In whichever industry that you decide to invest in, you need to know that area well so you can have a realistic expectation about the future and the current numbers. A lot of research will provide a comprehensive summary of the background, past, current, and projected statistic for that industry for next year. And a company like biotech equity coverage can even give you specific research where the bank investment is for companies that’s in the life sciences business.

Go to a Consultant

consultantFriends and family of yours usually have a lot of opinion about what to do with your money, but they are not professionals that have studied about finance and keep up with the trend like a private finance consultant. They can do a better job than you to analyze your cycle and habit, whether you have been spending too much, investing too less, and layout options that you might not know before. The cost that you pay to talk to them is part of the long-term investment so your wallet and bank account can have a better future.

Choose What You Know Best

you know bestSometimes, venturing into a new area is not always the best idea. Jumping on the wagon of a trend without weighing the decision long enough or following your intuition can be the fastest way to go down. What you know best, might be able to bring you a lot of fortune if you put a lot of your time and energy into it. Listening to what your heart says should always be something that you do and not just rely on what you think is best for you.…

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medicine 2

Tips on Starting a Successful Biotech Business

There are always a lot of business opportunities in the life sciences industry. However, knowing which of them is feasible is tricky, especially in the biotechnology sector. It is a risky field, and as usual, where there is a huge risk, there is a possibility of a huge return. Investors in this field need a lot of expert advice if they are to succeed. Here are a few tips on starting a successful business in the biotech sector.

Decide What You Want

Success in business always starts with defining your goals at the outset. You need to know where you are starting and where you want to go. Do you want to start a business in microbiology, healthcare or biotechnology? Are you interested in biopharma as well? Whichever field you choose, define your goals and objectives when the business is just an idea in your head.

Always Ask the Experts

laboratory tubeBefore going far, you need to consult an expert in the life sciences investment scene or a lifesci advisor so that you know whether you are on the right track. Perhaps you should attend key opinion leader events organized by various advisory agencies and get an idea of what people think about your business. Look for equity research reports in the life sciences sector and follow corporate communications in the same sector to get the right picture of the financial and business risk inherent in the business. Several advisory agencies could be of great help.

Create Winning Strategy

Having gathered the information about the industry from experts, now create your own winning formula. It is said that success in business is a function of proper timing and luck. This may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure- every business has its own success story. Create your own.

Know Where to Invest Your Money

As your business grows, identify the resources that will matter to you in the future and invest in them. Adapt to the changing biotech landscape and be ready to take up new opportunities, technologies, and business practices.

Come up with a Launching Strategy

life science experiment You realize that the way a business is launched has a great impact on its success throughout the various stages of development. Therefore, you should launch your business in a big way if you want it to hit the ground running right from the first day. Have a business plan that attracts even the most risk-averse investor. Convince people that you are here to help. You are ready to solve real issues in the society and to transform people’s lives.

Get in Touch with Other Similar Businesses

Finally, your business will not thrive in isolation. Businesses need each other. For this reason, you should look for like-minded private and government businesses and create a memorandum of understanding with them. This way, you can pool resources together and move forward as an organized entity.…

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tree services provider

Various Tasks a Tree Service Company Can do for You

When you hire a tree services provider, the following five are the main types of services they offer. You can learn more at In this post, you will learn how these services are important and what they are meant for.

Tree Planting

tree planting servicesThis may seem to be an easy type of tree service, particularly when it should be done in large scale. Remember that young trees need a lot of attention for them to grow healthily. The truth is that the act of planting a tree is quite demanding. Moreover, the manner in which it is done can affect a tree during its lifetime. Therefore, rather than doing things incorrectly, it is a wise idea to hire experts to do the work for you.

Tree Irrigation

Although this particular tree task is not quite demanding, it may take a lot of time. Thus, if you do not have a lot of time to carry out this task, getting the help of a tree company is a better idea.

Tree Trimming

In some instances, trees can over-grow. Unfortunately, when they do, they become hazards. This may require tree trimming, which ought to be done in a particular manner to prevent the tree from dying. Other than being done because of safety reasons, it can equally be done to promote healthy growth of your trees. This particular type is called tree pruning. Such tasks need special equipment and skills.

Disease and Pest Control

tree services to prevent pests and diseasesVery few trees are immune to pests. However, there is no tree that is completely immune to diseases. Thus, if you want your trees to be healthy, it is necessary to take proactive measures to safeguard them from diseases and pests that can ravage them. Disease and pest control involves the use of specialized equipment, which you may not have at home. Also, this needs a considerable amount of time and knowledge.

Tree Removal

This should be done when a tree dies. In this case, a tree is cut down and removed carefully from its location. This requires a lot of effort. In fact, if it is done wrongly, accidents are likely to happen to cause damage to the property and injuries to people. This is the last thing you will want to happen. Thus, you should allow experts to do their work.…

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Tips for good preparation and packaging of mailboxes

Preparation prior mailbox packaging is always necessary to guarantee a safe delivery. Putting your package in order is also key for effective transportation. A well packaged item stands a great chance of easy identification and on time delivery. It is therefore necessary for one to be keen to ensure smooth packaging and shipping. The following are tips to guide you on proper preparation and packaging of mailboxes.


 Choice of box


It is advisable you pick a box of good quality to cover your items.  The size of box should also go handy with the type of item that you are shipping. You can also use a previously used box but make sure you get rid of previous marks and labels to ease out its sorting process and reduce the chances of your items getting misplaced in the process. The box should also be in a perfect condition free from tears, water damage or any other kind of damage.



Use a resilient material

Use a proper resilient material to cover your items in order to avoid breakages or even cracking of the packed items. Most people are also uncomfortable with the movement of already packed items. Some proper resilient or cushioning materials include newspapers, plastic foam or shredded papers. It is advisable to slightly shake your package after the use of any cushioning material to ensure your items are intact.

 Proper Sealing003

Get a high quality tape which does not tear easily preferably the heavy duty brown tape 2-inch-wide. You can still use the clear tape and place it over your label to prevent it from smearing or fading off. One is advised to avoid the use of strings, cords, cellophane or masking tapes in sealing their items. Make sure you fasten the box all round to get a proper hold of your items.

 Proper labeling

Use a complete address with all your personal information. Indicating your contacts is highly recommended especially your mobile number which makes it easy for the carrier to reach you, should anything arise concerning your package. Also give out the receiver’s phone number and home or destination address which should be complete and accurate so that in case of anything the receiver can be easily contacted. The return address should be printed or typed outside upper left corner same side as the delivery address. Put an extra address label inside the box. The conveyor can refer to it in case the outside address labels get tampered with.

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caring for your pet

Buying that dream pet can bring joy and happiness to your house. There are many reasons why you should buy a pet. And one of this reasons is companionship. Some people get lonely, and the best way for them to be happy is to care for a pet. Some buy pets for fun, while others purchase pets as a gift to their children. Children love pets, and they offer more love and compassion to a pet more than a grown person can. However, this does not mean that mature people are mean to pets.  A pet can teach you patience and bring joy to your life. If you have been thinking of getting that dog pet, and now you have taken that bold step and brought it home, then here are a few tips on how to take good care of it.



Some people have no problem sleeping in the same room with their pets. However, this depends on the type of pet you have. Some clean and well-trained pets like dogs can stay in the house. But it is necessary that you build your pet a place to sleep this can be a kennel or a cage depending on your type of pet.


If you need a pet to be healthy and fun to be around, you should make sure it is kept clean. A dog pet can regularly be washed using shampoos. And other pets also have simple ways of clean them. Washing your pet ensures that pests do not attack them. Which in turn ensures that your house is not infested buy animal pests.


caringforpetsaIf you want to create that tight bond between you and your pet, you should feed it regularly. When your pet is well fed, it quickly identifies you and opens up to you. Pet food can be found in many stores and supermarkets. However, you need to do some research on the type of food that is good for your pet. You should also change your pet’s diet regularly so that it can grow to be healthy and strong.


Immediately you buy your pet. You need to take it to a veterinary. You have to ensure that your pet is healthy. Your veterinary should create a record for your pet and monitor its growth. It is always good to know that your pet is healthy.



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Impact of cloud technology

Cloud technology has literary changed the way we handle everything, particularly from a computational perspective. In this post, we will take a look at this great technology, and discuss the impact it has brought about.

What is cloud technology

Cloud technology has many definitions, with the most common ones losing focus on the primary technology—with complex explanations, which are usually focused on marketing.

The concept of cloud technology is where you get to use computer processing power and storage capacity, which you don’t have on a physical level. For example, if you have a computer with an internal storage capacity of 100GB, and you want to copy images that total to 250GB from an external hard drive to your internal hard drive—then it is impossible. But with cloud technology, you can buy cloud storage, then upload the images there. Whenever you need the images, all you have to do is connect to the cloud and view them on a web browser, or specialized software.

What you have to understand is that you are buying a service that allows you to remotely access computers that are in a remote location via the internet—hence there is no real cloud, just other computers on the other end.

Impact of cloud technology

Cloud technology has brought about a lot of changes, most of them being merits. Here are some of the most significant ones.

Cheap computation infrastructure

Compared to the olden days, it is straightforward for a business to acquire advanced computation facilities without having to buy expensive computer hardware. For instance, instead of a company buying a server to host and facilitate their business, they can just subscribe to a cloud service for a small monthly fee. When the need arises, and the company increases their operations, then the cloud services can be easily scaled up by paying for more resources, downgrades are also possible when needed.


With cloud technology, it has become very easy to collaborate, especially in the office environment. For instance, managers from various departments can update a given file in real time, with no geographical barriers. This is very important especially if different agencies need collaboration.

Better security

lksdanlvknalskdvlkasdlvnlasndvlknasdvasdRather than buying your computer hardware, and employing a security personnel, or hiring a third party for security, it makes more sense to use cloud services, where security is handled by the cloud company. Cloud companies will have access to the best security resources.…

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The role of radio stations

Every day, thousands of people listen to radio stations, enjoying a form of entertainment that has served us for more than a century. The liking to radio that people have come accustomed to be a result of the crucial role it plays. With the introduction of the internet, you might think that radio is doomed, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth because traditional radio continues to hold onto its role very firmly.

If you wonder what role the radio plays, then here is a list for you.

The role of radio stations

Informing the public


The primary role of radio stations is to keep the public informed on what is happening all around them. Every morning, it is a customer for many people to turn on the television to catch up on the latest. Typically, listening to the latest news is important given that we all make our decisions based on the information we have, making radio news very important.

Source of entertainment

Entertainment is significant and plays a great role in modern society. There are various sources of entertainment, and one of the best is through radio, which is primarily listening to the music. It is also a great place to listen to the latest music without having to pay for it.

Listening to the radio is a great way to curb music piracy, which is killing the advancement of musicians.


One of the best ways to hear about the latest products is through the radio. As an ad platform, it plays a great role by bringing businesses and consumers together, helping businesses grow, and people to understand all the variety they have when it comes to buying consumer products.


Radio plays a very critical role in supporting the creation of jobs. From radio presenters to the opportunities it creates for advertising businesses, it is fair to say that radio is a platform through which employment is created.

Discussion platform

klnsdlkvnlkasdnvlknlskdnvlkansdvasdvsavThese days we have web forums and social media, platforms that have their functionality modeled from the traditional radio discussion platforms. On the radio, a listener calls a number, and participates in a given topic, letting their views get known.

Such a platform is significant, as it provides a platform where people can share information and learn about the given topic being discussed. By giving people a platform where they can be heard, it lays an avenue where real issues can be debated and solved through dialog.…

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KDLL 91.9 FM – Pickle Hill Public Broadcasting, Kenai, Alaska

KDLL Solstice Music Festival


Noon til Midnight on Thursday, June 21, 2007
Live Music * Arts & Crafts* Food & Beverage * Beer Garden * Fun for the whole family
$5 admission * Kids under 12 free with an adult
Located at Diamond M Ranch/RV Park/Cabins & B&B

No Pets Please!!


Hot Summer Fun Raffle
Win a Custom Built 10′ X 12′ Greenhouse with a Gardening Package (seeds, tools, planters, etc.)
Only 500 tickets will be sold!
Tickets are $10 each and available at the KDLL Studio, in the KDLL Booth during the Kenai River Festival (June 9 & 10) and at the KDLL Summer Solstice Music Festival on Thursday June 21


25th Anniversary Garb
Help KDLL celebrate 25 years of service to the Kenai Peninsula. Limited Edition 25th Anniversary hats, tee shirts and hooded sweatshirts are available for purchase at KDLL Studio and at Sugar Magnolias in Soldotna. Sugar Magnolias is on the Sterling Highway in downtown Soldotna, located
above Jersey Subs.

2007 is KDLL’s 25th Anniversary!!!
Watch here for special upcoming events or listen to KDLL 91.9 FM.

Be a Radio Star

KDLL offers the opportunity to anyone wishing to become a volunteer disk jockey. If you have always wanted your own radio show, call Allen at 283-8433.



Upcoming Events:
June 28, 2007: KDLL Board Meeting
5:30 PM
Economic Development Building
14896 Kenai Spur Highway, Suite 103
Kenai, Alaska 99611

August 6, 2007: KDLL Community Advisory Board Meeting
6 PM
Economic Development Building
14896 Kenai Spur Highway, Suite 103
Kenai, Alaska 99611…

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